Who is the Spiritual Executive?

Who is the Spiritual Executive?

The Spiritual Executive finds their bliss by noticing how they allow. These podcasts are to help these Conscious Creators thrive.

I think back to the early years of my career as a lawyer. I struggled. I thought it was all about achievement and effort. Turns out that didn’t give me much satisfaction. The ideas shared in these audios are for that woman. And they’re for others like her who want a better work life in ways that seem novel to most . . . in ways that surprisingly deliver.

The Spiritual Executive is committed to the values they bring to their work. We’re speaking about fairness, integrity, the power of a straightforward approach, kindness, seeking win/win solutions. They have a desire to empower colleagues, a mindset of ease, and they know how to attain mental clarity.  They draw on a fortitude when under pressure, and generate a beautiful felt Presence wherever they go. Others love to be in the company of the Spiritual Exec.

This isn’t about following a particular faith or philosophy. Instead, it’s a broader conversation about the person’s connection to their Source.  Think Higher Self, the Divine, the Universe, God, whatever you wish to call it.  You’re not here to convert anyone else to your beliefs. It’s all an inner job in feeling and thinking better.

The Spiritual Exec understands their outer world of work changes from their inner work. As the individual shows up feeling authentically calmer, clearer and more confident then that energy radiates around them. Others in their world of work pick up on that vibe. They start acting from a similar expansive purpose as they are inspired to bring the best of themselves to play.

The word Executive points to the leadership role that each individual has in their own lives, and the communities they lead.  The Spiritual Exec may be a manager in the world of work.  But the term is not limited to them alone. It seeks to include business owners and those who choose to take on a role to guide their communities in bold and empowering ways.

The Spiritual Executive is both delivering solid results in their world AND doing it on their own terms. In essence, they’re living and working according to values that hold them in high esteem amongst the people in their day to day lives, and that fulfil them.

The Spiritual Exec enjoys playing with mindset work, is familiar with Law of Attraction principles, metaphysical ideas, and manifests from a place of connection to the Universe, and does it for their own and others’ delight.

We’re not putting happy face stickers on problems to pretend they don’t exist. We’re not chanting affirmations with the blind hope that they will change a situation we don’t like. We’re changing the perspective we hold so we move into greater alignment with our values. The world around us then improves.

In these audios I’m drawing on my experience as a Emotional Intelligence coach. I’ve been delivering this work since 2006. I help my clients find a way forward through the seeming impossible that has held them back from success. It can feel like magic, and yet it’s solid, simple and effective.

My work is about softening the executive’s emotional charge on a topic. Through coaching conversations I help them devise powerful solutions. Intuitive questions are often a key component of these conversations. That’s why I start each of these podcasts with a question.

This is how one person can set a remarkable energetic tone that reaps unexpected rewards for the individual, team AND company. This is about turning the world of work from an arena of back-stabbing fear-based competition to one of purposeful vision where practical generous-hearted results are centre stage.

I hope you enjoy listening to these podcasts. I hope they help you move forward!

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